No other single intervention has as much power over your longevity and healthspan


Cease being at the mercy of preventable diseases. This groundbreaking education and technology platform unveils a new and original framework, incorporating strategies and tactics from my 40-year teaching career and the contributions of over 100 expert PhDs. Minimize your clinical risk from current or future health complications: Excess Weight (30% less!), Heart Attack (38% less!), High Blood Sugar (54% less!), and Metabolic Syndrome (34% less!). Achieve these outcomes without tipping your life upside down using crazy eating plans or endless hours of exercise sessions.


Stop being at the mercy of preventable diseases like Excess Weight, Heart Attacks, Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome. Our FREE web class unveils brand new tactics that work with 100% of users.​



There is no such thing as prevention. There is only intervention.

Reveals new teaching & new medical science. 

Reveals new teaching & new medical science. 

Most people who use 'The Perfect Health Lesson' will raise their # 1 medical biometric by 175%. (Some by 400%!)

The Perfect Health Lesson is a one hour teaching session I created, based on my nearly forty year teaching career.

I assure you that you will be at a significantly reduced clinical risk of complications related to sickness, disease and all forms of premature death. This lesson improves your longevity and healthspan by creating positive molecular and physiological health adaptations more than any single intervention can, including medication!

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How is it possible to improve your personal health status by 400%?

Click the button on the side and send me your email address. I will send you a FREE audio lesson that shows you irrefutable proof on how most people will increase their health status by 400% as a result of using The Perfect Health Lesson.

Do you want to maximize longevity?

Plus guarantee that you have an improved health span - the number of years
you live without permanent sickness or an ongoing medical condition?
Then it is time to stop teaching people that being healthy is so complicated.

If you use this one simple lesson, here is a list of the positive health adaptations you can have.

  • Heart Attack: A 41% reduction in clinical risk
  • Obesity: A 30% reduction in clinical complications
  • Fatty Liver : Be at 17 times less risk than others
  • Premature Death: Be at 61% total less risk
  • High Blood Pressure: See 30%  less complications
  • Cancer Risk: Be at 15% less risk of diagnosis
  • Fat Burn Rate: See if you are burning fat in real time
  • ​Dementia: Get a 50% reduction in risk of developing 
  • Heart By Pass: A 22% reduction in risk of surgery
  • Atrial Fibrillation: A 30% reduction in risk 
  • All Causes of Death: Be at 38% less risk this year 
  • Depression: See 26% lower odds of developing it
  • Diabetes: See  54% decrease in complications

* The health statements above are validated from peer reviewed and published research in respected and well established medical journals. Contributors to this research are from disciplines that include PhD's in Exercise Physiology, Cardiology, Vascular Medicine, Public Health, Molecular Biology and more. 

Enroll yourself into The Perfect Health Lesson and... 

Discover in one hour why most frameworks struggle to improve future health outcomes...

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And why the start point of our platform stops this from happening...

...I've been teaching health since 1985 and have engaged in over 5 million conversations with students on this topic. My work has connected me with more than 100 PhD's who are experts in medical research. Here's my critical observation: Every wellness platform typically begins by attempting to teach learners'what they need to know and what they need to do' to achieve better health.

This is often referred to as 'Deep Knowledge'.

However, pursuing this approach sets up every wellness platform for failure.

Unless you do this...

My real-world experience has taught me that it's more critical, at the outset, to create a culture where 'Deep Engagement' occurs long before 'Deep Knowledge' is imparted. After 40 years of teaching individuals aged 12 to 90, I know for a fact that for a wellness platform to succeed, learners must first 'fall in love with the idea of becoming physically healthy'. Through delivering over 50,000 teaching lessons, I've discerned EXACTLY what steps you need to take to address what I call "The Biggest Public Health Problem of The 21st Century" – namely, not being in love with the idea of becoming physically healthy.

Only after this can you teach the 'how to'

The opposite side of "The Biggest Public Health Problem of The 21st Century" is something that almost sounds exactly the same: "The Biggest Public Health Crisis of The 21st Century" - the crisis is the rise in young adults with excess weight, catastrophic cardiovascular events, high blood sugar and metabolic disease.  We solve the 'Problem' first and this unlocks the solving of the 'Crisis' for learners.

The Book

The starting point for embarking on The Perfect Health Lesson journey is my latest book. With one comprehensive framework and five pivotal steps, it offers an evidence-based path unlike any other in the realm of physical health education. My frustration with the prevalent health outcomes among adults is profound. The conventional teachings, imparted through schools, seem ineffective given the rampant rise of what I term 'The Big Four' - excess weight, catastrophic cardiovascular events, high blood sugar, and the encompassing cluster of metabolic syndrome. The Perfect Health Lesson Book introduces a revolutionary approach aimed at fostering a genuine passion for physical well-being, thereby mitigating the risk of succumbing to 'The Big Four'.

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How is it possible to improve your personal health status by 400%?

Click the button on the side and send me your email address. I will send you a FREE audio lesson that shows you irrefutable proof on how most people will increase their health status by 400% as a result of using The Perfect Health Lesson.

When You’re Part Of The Perfect Health Lesson...

We Not Only Mastermind with you, We Also provide a suite of exclusive tools

Here’s a glimpse at some of the current components each Person has access to.
This is what you can look forward to when you’re part of the platform

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The Perfect Health Lesson Book

This full color A4 size book is the start point for anyone who wants to physically pick up a tool and get started on this one hour lesson. After completing this short 180 page book a entire new world of positive health adaptations will be opened up for each employee. They can begin taking micro steps that will deliver macro improvements in the structure and function of parts of their body that are at most risk from premature disease. Using these micro steps will decrease sickness and increase productivity.

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Health Impact Software

How do you know if the steps you take each day, the activity you do, the calories you burn or any other biometric you could track is actually creating positive molecular and physiological health adaptations that will improve the structure and function of your body systems? How do you know if your body is moving away from high risk of sickness, disease and premature death? If you do NOT use our clinically validated Health Impact Software you will never gain this insight. Every employee gets instant access to the only ever feedback technology they need to become physically healthy.

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Perfect Health Lesson Classroom

The Perfect Health Lesson is one class that lasts an hour. At the end of this single hour each person will have learned the single framework (diagram) that will improve their health status permanently and lower their clinical risk of complications from excess weight, catastrophic cardiovascular events, high blood sugar, and metabolic syndrome. Success however is never built on just one hour. The Perfect Health Classroom is accessible on any internet connected device. Our classroom will help drive deep engagement and deep learning, the bedrock of health success.

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Perfect Health Lesson Challenges

Our platform uses the power of social media to help individuals and teams set up challenges. Each person can pick from 1 day, 3 day, 7 day and 4 week challenges that start the process of building positive molecular and physiological health adaptations. If you are ever going to drive down actual complications from excess weight, catastrophic cardiovascular events, high blood sugar and metabolic disease - then starting a micro challenge is where it begins. Our workplace platform offers team challenges, or each employee can choose and individual one.

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Perfect Health Lesson Live Events

Nothing is more exciting in building culture than a live event with a special guest. In the past we have hosted health reality stars from The Biggest Loser TV series, professional athletes, expert doctors from television series like The Today Show and world leaders in medical research from across the globe. On a case by case basis we negotiate either in person live events with celebrities at your workplace for employees to meet, or stream our exclusive live event projects just for your teams. We have seen the impact of this in creating a new culture where being physically healthy is normal.

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Exclusive audio mini-series

People love to stream audio books, podcasts and video on the go from their device. We have created the most unique and exclusive audio mini-series for you to stream. With special guests there are titles like: My three steps to lose 50kgs. The future of smartwatches and health. Moving Through Cancer, Dr Schmitz. A food plan to reverse heart disease. Tracking fat burning in real time. A clinic on your wrist. These include expert doctors from all over the world who have spent time with us. Not available anywhere else. New programs are added quarterly to hook people to health.

Why just one lesson...

...Learning how to be physically
healthy is too complicated


"More than 100 expert
Doctors have contributed to
the creation of this single lesson.
No other intervention is more powerful for your longevity"

Does this sound like your world?

Most adults you know WILL become physically unhealthy in their lifetime. Often, catastrophes like heart attacks, strokes, or cancer occur suddenly, without prior symptoms. You or people you know are likely on some form of medication or intervention prescribed by their doctor to prevent such health catastrophes. Why is it that we were once healthy teenagers but now seem destined to be classified as medically unhealthy? If what we have been teaching and learning about health was effective and not complicated, why do these facts persist in the world we live in?

  • At least 70% of adults are overweight... It is growing, not decreasing
  • ​Catastrophic heart attacks are still the # 1 killer... this has not changed in 60 years
  • Cancer is the # 2 killer... it is frightening for over 11 million new people every year
  • Medication seems to be our only solution... we seek solutions, not intervention

I present to you a new approach, a single framework I call "The Perfect Health Lesson'. If you want to drive down your clinical risk from sickness, disease or premature death, then you need to start using it today. You are one lesson away.

A sneak peak inside
The Perfect Health Lesson...

(Here are 3 of the 7 sections inside...)

1.  A new medical biometric

  • ​A new clinically validated medical biometric that is not yet taught in schools, and most people have never heard of as adults. PhD's worldwide agree that it is more influential and powerful at improving your health than any current drug therapy.
  • ​You will learn what this biometric is and how to auto track it. Using our new software you will be able to see in real time the positive molecular and physiological health adaptations happening inside your body. Literally you can see your health changing.
  • For the first time ever you will be able to see where your current real time health status is. Inside our software we will then be able to use a new medical algorithm to predict your health status in 90 days from now. It is all based on what you did today.
  • We show you undeniable medical PROOF of the direct link between this new medical biometric and your risk of complications from the # 1 cause of sickness, disease and premature death worldwide. If you score low then your risk of sudden death is 400% more than others.
  • ​At the end of section two you will learn the exact steps of how to raise your score for this new medical biometric. You will learn how simple this is and is NOT out of reach for anyone. For the first time in health education every single person will see the specific strategies and tactics than will drive down your risk of complications from excess weight, heart attacks/strokes, diabetes, and metabolic disease.

2. Turn your heart beats into health adaptations

  • I am going to teaching a brand new method (validated) on how to read your personal heart rate graph. This completely new scientific process will show EXACTLY when your body is creating something called 'positive molecular and physiological health adaptations.
  • ​Becoming classified as medically healthy, improving your longevity and health span - will only ever happen if your body is creating positive health adaptations. The millions of people with high risk of sickness, disease or premature death - all of them are creating 'negative health adaptations.
  • Once I show you how positive health adaptations grow inside your body, I am then going to walk you through the most incredible deep dive of a series of real time health adaptations you MUST have if you want to be at low clinical risk from the complications of obesity, heart attack, diabetes and metabolic disease. 
  • ​​If you have ‘the correct dose’ of either planned or unplanned physical activity on any given 7 day period, your heart rate graph will be different than most people. The Perfect Health Lesson teaches you how to use a validated software that automatically converts your heart rate graph into a system of Health Impact Points. These points over 7 days create real time positive health adaptations.
  • ​For example one of the (many) health adaptations from using this Health Impact Software is called ‘Nitric Oxide release. Nitric oxide, when released in the body (from the correct dose of health impact points), helps widen blood vessels, improving circulation, regulating blood pressure, and supporting overall cardiovascular health. Additionally, it plays a role reducing inflammation, and preventing blood clot formation.

3. Hazard Ratio -Mind blowing new concept

  • ​I have never met a health or physical education teacher who knows what a health hazard ratio is. I have been teaching in schools since 1985! Of all the medical research I have read for my podcast interviews with more than 100 expert PhD’s - it ranks the second most important concept you need to know and use if you want longevity and improved health span.
  • A hazard ratio is like a special tool in statistics that helps us figure out how risky or beneficial something is to our health. If the hazard ratio is 1.0, it means there's neither harm nor benefit. If it's 1.5, it suggests it's 50% riskier, and if it's 0.75, it's 25% less risky. 
  • ​ If we talk about high blood pressure, the hazard ratio is around 1.20. This means that if you have high blood pressure, you're about 20 percent more likely to pass away in a year compared to someone exactly like you in every other aspect but without high blood pressure. It's saying high blood pressure adds some extra risk for mortality.
  • There is one Hazard Ratio that vast amounts of medical research proves has the highest score of anything in the world. If you do not learn about this Hazard Ratio (which has a score of 5.0) - then you are at serious risk of a life threatening disease and/or premature death.
  • ​You are going to learn in detail how to improve the Hazard Ratio that has a score of 5.0 - this is so you will be at ultra low risk of complications from obesity, catastrophic cardiovascular events, diabetes and the cluster of conditions known as metabolic disease.
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How is it possible to improve your personal health status by 400%?

Click the button on the side and send me your email address. I will send you a FREE audio lesson that shows you irrefutable proof on how most people will increase their health status by 400% as a result of using The Perfect Health Lesson.


Meet some Of The Experts inside this class

PhD Exercise Physiology


PhD Molecular Biology


PhD Vascular Medicine


PhD Exercise Physiology


PhD Cardiology


PhD Public Health


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Don't just take our word for it...

There is overwhelming medical research
behind the core part of this lesson

– Based on HUNT–

The health survey in Trøndelag Norway (HUNT) is one of the world's largest health surveys. HUNT is one of the most important sources of knowledge about public health and the development of more efficient health services in Norway. Mia Health has been developed with data from HUNT.

– 1 million participants –

The adaptations and benefits of our Health Impact Technology have already been documented in over 30 scientific research articles with close to one million subjects. A number of large studies are now looking at the effect of using our  Health Impact Software in motivation and personal follow-up of physical activity.

– Developed by CERG –

The Cardiac Exercise Research Group (CERG) at the Norwegian University of Science Technology studies the effects of exercise as medicine. Our Health Impact Software point system and fitness age have been developed by CERG to enable most people to have effective tools to maintain the best possible health throughout their lives.

– Reduce the # 1 Killer –

Cardiovascular diseases (CVDs) are the leading cause of death globally, taking an estimated 17.9 million lives each year. CVDs are a group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels and include coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular and other conditions. The evidence behind our health impact technology reduces risk by up to a staggering 38%.

Our new 'Health Impact Software'

Our Health Impact Software gives each user an overview of their own health status in real time. Are you creating positive molecular and physiological health adaptations this week? Are you doing enough to drive down your clinical risk of complications from excess weight, catastrophic cardiovascular events, high blood sugar and metabolic syndrome? What will happen in 3 months from now with each persons physical health status? Our clinical research-based tool does something no other health software ever has - know your real time health risk each day.

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