No other single intervention has as much power over your longevity and healthspan

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Track your health adaptations in real time and see where it will be 90 days in the future

"The probability that using our Health Impact Software is going to increase the length of your life and improve the quality of your life... that probability is so high, to act in disregard of using it for FREE ... is irresponsible if you want exceptional health"

  • Heart Attack : A 41% reduction in clinical risk
  • Obesity : A 30% reduction in clinical complications
  • Fatty Liver : Be at 17 times less risk than others
  • Premature Death : Be at 61% total less risk
  • High Blood Pressure : See 30% less complications
  • Cancer Risk : Be at 15% less risk of diagnosis
  • Dementia : Get a 50% reduction in risk of developing
  • Heart By Pass : A 22% reduction in risk of surgery
  • Atrial Fibrillation : A 30% reduction in risk
  • All Causes of Death : Be at 38% less risk this year
  • Depression : See 26% lower odds of developing it
  • Diabetes : See a 54% decrease in complications

What You'll Learn in this Book

Also...What The Health Impact Software Will Do for Your Health That No Other Technology Can

Inside the book...

  • Why you must understand this difference if you want exceptional health. The Biggest Public Health Problem versus The Biggest Public Health Crisis of the 21st Century.
  • ​ What the most important medical biometric you MUST track for exceptional health. There is a biometric that has more influence over your health than any other single factor. Discover what it is.
  • ​​ How to use the Health Impact Software if  you want exceptional health. Groundbreaking research reveals the transformative power of surpassing 100 Health Impact points. In a study spanning decades, those surpassing this threshold significantly reduced their mortality risk.
  • ​​ How your body creates positive health adaptations if you use this lesson. There is a cascade of improvements from this lesson that will translate into enhanced health outcomes and a reduced likelihood of complications from the the biggest killers.
  • How using The Perfect Health Lesson Classroom creates exceptional health. After you learn the single framework in this book I want to help you with deep knowledge and deep engagement. Now I can teach people when they take their connceted device out of their pocket.
  • BONUS SECTION.  Exercise Plasma - Molecules for Longevity. A brand new area of medical research that teaches you about how your blood changes and creates exceptional health when you use this lesson.
  • BONUS SECTION. Hazard Ratios - How knowing this will cause you to have exceptional health. By leveraging the factor with the highest hazard ratio benefit—supported by scientific evidence—you can significantly enhance both your lifespan and health span.

Health Impact Software does this...

  • Achieve Lifelong Health with Our New Tracking Technology. Reduce your risk of major chronic diseases as you journey from your 20s to your 90s. This validated tracking technology will positively impact your health risks for the rest of your life.
  • Reduce your real world risk of these diseases. Heart attack, stroke, dementia, obesity, type two diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer risk, heart bypass surgery, fatty liver, atrial fibrillation and more.
  • Know in real time if your body is becoming classified as medically healthy. If you do not use this software you will NOT discover if your body is at less risk from chronic disease this week.
  • ​​ Accurately predict where your health status will be 90 days from today. Based on your past 7 days of planned or unplanned physical activity you can know with certainty where your health will be at in the near future. No more guessing about your health status.
  • ​​ Healthy analysis. The author of this book was born in 1966. At the time of writing this book he is 58 years old. The clinically validated algorithm in the software proves his fitness age is only 43 years old. Find out what yours is and lower it using this exclusive health technology.
  • Weekly, monthly and yearly tracking of your health impact score. You will be able to review what your historical health progress has been. Scroll through the weeks, months and years. Use it adjust and overcome obstacles and create exceptional health.
  • Challenges built in to better your health status, for beginner, intermediate and expert level. Using the Health Impact Score, we have 1 day, 3 day, 7 day and 30 day challenges built in. No matter what your level.


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Personalized Learning with "The Perfect Health Lesson" Audio Book.

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After teaching health and physical education for over 40 years, I understand the best formats for effective learning. To guide you on your journey with "The Perfect Health Lesson," I have developed a unique audio book version. Rather than simply narrating the printed text, this audio book offers exclusive access to me, the author, as I teach you each of the five sections from the Perfect Health Lesson framework. This approach ensures a deeper connection to the material, without the redundancy of repeating what you can already read in the print version.

Unique Features of the Audio Book. A key differentiator of this audio version is the opportunity to hear from many of the doctors featured in the book, sharing their insights in their own voices. These world-renowned medical researchers typically operate behind the scenes, and this audio book transforms their complex research into straightforward lessons you can easily understand. This unique format not only enriches your learning experience but also provides invaluable access to experts you wouldn't normally encounter.

This audio book will soon be available on Audible, Amazon, and Apple Books at the full price of $38.00 - EXCLUSIVE to this page only you can get The Perfect Health lesson audio book for half the price at just $19.00 for a very limited time. 

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Special offer: Early access to the A4 full colour Print Version : plus FREE bonus Health Technology

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For those who order the audio book at half price (by clicking the green button on this page) you will also get early release access to the A4 full colour version of the printed book. Before it is released in January 2025 by our publisher on Amazon, Apple and other retailers, we are offering the following. These bonuses will not be available when the book is published with Amazon and Apple or other retailers. 

  • Printed book: Over 200 pages + FREE Shipping - $34.00
  • Health Impact Software: FREE version to track your health
  • 60 days access FULL version: All software features - FREE
  • Live Event: 2 hour event - stream FREE (tickets were $100)
  • The Obesity Paradox: Mini-series - FREE (normally $37)
  • Future of Smart Watches:Mini-series - FREE (normally $37)
  • Dementia Protective Molecules: Mini-series - FREE (normally $37)

You can read all of the details about each bonus below on this page. Each one will enhance you experience with the book and are exclusive to our publisher 'The New Science of Physical Health'. By ordering the printed version you are leaving nothing to chance with improving your physical health status. You will have access to a health teaching expert with over 40 years in classrooms, plus expert PhD's in medicine and health from across the world. 

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8Days 18Hours: 51Minutes: 41Seconds

"Every person who orders the audio book gets the FREE version of our Health Impact Software"

If you are just beginning your journey into wanting exceptional health for the first time, then you it makes sense for you to start with the basics of our health impact software. It will let you track in real time your physical health status. The effect will be less sickness, disease and risk of premature death. 

"I will give you 60 days access to the FULL paid version. It is normally $132 per year"

There are 'super tracking' features inside the Health Impact Software. This paid version of our technology give you more insights about the health status of your body. Everything you will need to create excellent health. When you order the printed version of The Perfect Health Lesson book you will get 60 days FULL access to the paid version FREE.  (normally $132/year)

"Come and hear this cardiologist teach health versus weight"

Most of us think that longevity hinges on maintaining a normal Body Mass Index. But research conducted over the last decade hit the media in January with explosive news: Overweight and even moderately obese people with certain chronic diseases from heart disease to cancer; often live longer and fare better than normal weight individuals with the same ailments. In this groundbreaking mini-series from his best selling book, Carl Lavie, MD, reveals the science behind the obesity paradox and shows us how to achieve maximum health rather than minimum weight. Everyone who orders the print version of the book gets instant access to this mini-series for FREE. (normally $37)

"Stream this Live Event, The Perfect Health Lesson class"

This live event was held in Sydney Australia. It was the launch of 'The Perfect Health Lesson' framework. Those who attended paid $100 per ticket. Inside this 2 hour session we break down the single framework diagram that is The Perfect Health Lesson. In addition we have guest doctors contribute to the lesson either in person or by video link. This event is exclusive to this page only. Everyone who orders the print version of the book gets instant access to this live event for FREE.
(tickets for this event were $100)

"Dementia Protective Molecules.
Groundbreaking new medical research from Norway"

Doctor Atefe Tari was my special guest where we discussed her brand new groundbreaking research. Dr Tari holds degrees in; Education Biomedical scientist, a Master of Science in Molecular Molecule, and a PhD in Medicine (NTNU). Alzheimer's disease is caused by brain cells dying. We don't know why this happens. It is estimated that over 100 million people in the world will have Alzheimer's in 2050 – a threefold increase from the current level. There is no cure for Alzheimer's disease, and we have to think anew to find effective treatment methods. This mini-series talks about the new science. Everyone who orders the print version of the book gets instant access to this live event for FREE. (normally $37)

"The Future Of Smartwatches and Tracking Your Physical Health Status"

Dr. Andrew Rickman, CEO and founder of Rockley Photonics, says, We believe that combining machine learning algorithms with continuous monitoring of an extended set of biomarkers from accessible wearable devices will provide new actionable insights to enhance and transform digital healthcare. You will meet Dr Rickman in this mini-series. Through its “clinic-on-the-wrist” technology using a miniaturized chip solution that provides continuous, noninvasive monitoring of core biomarkers. You will learn about a technology that delivers non-invasive, real-time monitoring of a broad range of physiological measurements and health and wellness parameters, including core body temperature, blood pressure, body hydration, lactate, ethanol, urea, glucose, heart rate and more. The Rockley sensing platform takes mobile biomarker monitoring to a whole new level. Everyone who orders the print version of the book gets instant access to this live event for FREE. (normally $37)

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