No other single intervention has as much power over your longevity and healthspan

 No other single intervention has as
much power over your longevity and healthspan

 No other single intervention has as much power over your longevity and healthspan

If you want deep knowledge...

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Discover the Medical Research Behind Our Health Impact Software in this mini-series; 'Molecules for Longevity.' Learn How to Reduce Your Risk of Major Health Issues and Improve Your Lifespan.

In this exclusive mini-series, I will unveil the medical research underpinning our Health Impact Software. ​Use the software to its full capacity and see a reductions in your clinical risk of these: heart attack or stroke by 41%, plus a 30% lower risk of complications from excess weight, a 54% reduced risk of complications from high blood sugar, a 15% lower risk of developing cancer, a 50% reduction in the risk of developing dementia, and a 26% lower risk of developing depression.

I will demonstrate that no other single intervention is more powerful for improving your current and future health status. In this exclusive mini-series, I will unveil the medical research underpinning our Health Impact Software. ​Download our free Health Impact Software now (as soon as you get our email), and as a thank you, stream this mini-series to discover how you can benefit from our cutting-edge technology. Here’s what you can expect to experience once you stream this program:

  • ​How this technology was invented: Meet the Professor who has spent 25 years leading a research team. They discovered the medical evidence behind the new health biometric our software tracks.
  • The Probability of improved longevity : I will reveal why this Health Impact Software is so powerful at guiding you away from having a poor lifespan. You will know why there is such a high probability of living longer if you use our new technology.
  • ​A feedback technology that works: You will learn why it is extremely probable that using any other health tracking software is NOT reporting your 'real time' risk of lowering your current and future disease risk. I have never used a more validated health technology than this. Download it as soon as you get our email.

I have spent 40 years teaching health and physical education. 
This single framework is now in one is perfect if you want an improved healthspan.

The Perfect Health Lesson is a one hour lesson.
Instead of paying for the entire book, I am going to give away the first three sections for FREE. This is my second thank you offer for downloading our Health Impact Software FREE version. In the audio version and e-version (first three sections) here is what you will read and listen to.

  • ​What Doctor Columbus Batiste II said about health that will change your direction forever :  He is an an interventional Cardiologist from New Orleans. Louisiana. He has literally performed thousands of heart procedures and interpreted thousands of heart related tests. One position statement of his I teach all students is in this book. It could very well save your life.
  • A  new concept called 'Hazard Ratios' : Of all the health education concepts you will ever hear about, learning what an evidence based Hazard Ratio is ranks # 2 for me. By leveraging the health factor with the highest hazard ratio benefit—supported by scientific evidence—you can significantly enhance both your lifespan and healthspan.
  • ​Why focusing on 'The Biggest Public Health Crisis of the 21st Century' is destroying your chances of longevity: There is a focus in health education by experts on 'The Crisis' that is excess weight, catastrophic cardiovascular events, high blood sugar and the cluster of conditions known as metabolic syndrome. This is the wrong approach. 
  • ​The focus needs to be on solving 'The Biggest Public Health Problem of the 21st Century' - before you solve the 'Crisis'. The 'Problem' is defined as NOT BEING IN LOVE WITH WANTING TO BE PHYSICALLY HEALTHY.Though the terms "Crisis" and "Problem" may seem interchangeable, their implications diverge significantly. In my new book I show you exactly how to solve the 'Problem' forever and hook people onto wanting to improve their physical health status.

If you come to my live teaching session (via this web class), then I will show you in one hour how to be at low clinical risk from all causes of mortality by a staggering 38%.

  • ​The Biggest Public Health 'Problem' of 'Crisis' of the 21st Century: This one hour lesson begins with an examination of health outcomes with an entirely new and exclusive method. 
  • What is your Health Impact Score?  : Discover a new medical biometric that tracks in real time if your body is creating positive molecular and physiological health adaptations.
  • ​Your heart beat algorithm: There is a scientific formula that underpins your Health Impact Score. This algorithm is how we prove your body is growing healthier. 
  • Molecular and physiological health adaptations: I breakdown complex the medical improvements you will have using our health impact software, and put it into a simple lesson.
  • The Outsmart Classroom: If you want to deep dive into improving your longevity and give yourself the best chance at an improved healthspan, I have created an online classroom that is updated monthly.

Dr. Andrew Rickman, CEO and founder of Rockley Photonics, says, “We believe that combining machine learning algorithms with continuous monitoring of an extended set of biomarkers from accessible wearable devices will provide new actionable insights to enhance and transform digital healthcare.”

Through its “clinic-on-the-wrist” technology using a miniaturized chip solution that provides continuous, noninvasive monitoring of core biomarkers. Rockley’s sensor module and associated reference designs for consumer products integrate hardware and application firmware to enable wearable devices to monitor multiple biomarkers, including core body temperature, blood pressure, body hydration, alcohol, lactate, and blood glucose trends, among others. 

​These are biomarkers that have never been trackable in a smartwatch until the use of this new technology called 'Silicon Photonics'.

​In this mini-series I sit down with Dr Andrew Rickman who is England's first ever 'internet billionaire' and now heads up this billion dollar health technology company. My one on one meeting with him and conversation was a rare opportunity to learn where the future of smartwatch technology is going. 

When you stream this program I will give you insights into why this technology is leading the world and why Apple Inc is currently the biggest customer of Rockley Photonics. 

In this private meeting you will discover how his work has a direct link to our Health Impact Software. Make sure you download our feedback technology to your phone when we send you the link shortly.

Alzheimer's disease is caused by brain cells dying. We don't know why this happens. It is estimated that over 100 million people in the world will have Alzheimer's in 2050. This medical research is the world's newest approach for a cure.

There is no cure for Alzheimer's disease, and we have to think anew to find effective treatment methods. We know that good fitness and physical exercise throughout life improves cognitive function, improves quality of life and reduces the risk of Alzheimer's disease.

We do not fully know why exercise has this beneficial effect on brain function. But we have a hypothesis that beneficial substances that are released into the blood when you exercise penetrate the blood-brain barrier and have a positive effect on the brain. 

Join me in this exclusive mini-series as I interview Dr Atefe Tari from The Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Dr Tari has the most incredible medical background of anyone I have spent time with in health research. 

She currently holds a position in Post doctor at the
Department of Circulation and Medical Imaging,
Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Her qualifications are: Biomedical scientist and Master of Science in Molecular Molecule, as well as a PhD in Medicine just to top it off.
In addition to this, Dr Tari is one of the most pleasant and helpful PhD's I have had the honour of asking questions to since I began my podcast back in 2020. (And I have interviewed over 100 PhD's since then) and gathered listeners from 97 countries). In this private meeting you will discover how her work has a direct link to our Health Impact Software. Make sure you download our feedback technology to your phone when we send you the link shortly.

The Obesity Paradox: When Thinner Means Sicker and Heavier Means Healthier. Join me in this exclusive meeting with Cardiologist and best Selling Author Dr Carl Lavie.

Most of us think that longevity hinges on maintaining a normal Body Mass Index. But research conducted over the last decade hit the media in January with explosive news: Overweight and even moderately obese people with certain chronic diseases;from heart disease to cancer; often live longer and fare better than normal weight individuals with the same ailments. In his groundbreaking book, Carl Lavie, MD, reveals the science behind the obesity paradox and shows us how to achieve maximum health rather than minimum weight.

I got the opportunity to sit down with Doctor Lavie. Here is his medical background. He is the Medical Director, Cardiac Rehabilitation and Prevention; Director, Stress Testing Laboratory - at Oschner Health, Lousianna. He earned his medical degree from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, completed an internship and residency at Ochsner and went on to perform a fellowship in cardiovascular training at the Mayo Clinic Foundation Graduate School of Medicine in Rochester, Minnesota.
Dr. Lavie is a fellow of the American College of Cardiology

His expertise includes obesity, non-invasive imaging, echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, preventive cardiology, cardiac rehabilitation and exercise physiology. Dr. Lavie is an active researcher and has written more than 1,500 medical articles and book chapters for scientific medical publications and cardiology textbooks. He serves as a scientific reviewer or editorial board member for over 40 prestigious scientific journals. In his clinical practice, Dr. Lavie believes that the best treatment involves a coordinated effort between the physician's practice of evidence-based medicine and the patient's active involvement in their own care. In this private meeting you will discover how his work has a direct link to our Health Impact Software. Make sure you download our feedback technology to your phone when we send you the link shortly.

I will teach you how
to become classified medically healthy one
to one for a whole year!

  • ​Private meetings: No other students except you!
  • ​Personalised plan: Get a new monthly plan for an entire year!
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  • Medical checks: I will work with your doctor to prove you have better health & lower disease.

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